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Positioned in local and global markets, VIVID TEXTILE provides fast, high-quality and reliable solutions.

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Who are We
Our expertise is to manufacture.

Having adopted a management perception of young, dynamic and innovator teamwork, at Vivid Textilee, we provide service to world’s leading clothing brands. In line of the trends and colors, we manufacture fast, very high-quality fabrics that are blend of cotton, Tencel, modal, viscose, polyester, polyamide and linen yarns. Our mission is to maintain our position as a young and dynamic manufacturing company focused on fabric production. Our vision is not only becoming a manufacturer for Europe’s leading womenswear brands, but also being the first ever solution partner for fabric requirements. ...

We are keeping our pace with product development and R&D studies in order to make a difference within the industry. For this reason, by forecasting trends, we prepare to-the-point collections for our clients, with the help of our textile engineers and a bright team of production & development professionals. We always pay attention to add our technical competencies in our work and the importance of working wholeheartedly. In order to provide a better world to the next generations, our team of professionals always create at least half of the collections of highly sustainable and environmental-friendly materials. By 2025, our goal is to make 100% of our collections sustainable. In order to meet this goal of more environmental-friendly productions, we and our third parties, make investments in technological infrastructure using less energy resources.

In our company and all of our subcontractors, we make human rights, occupational health & safety and environment-consciousness a priority. In order to feel our co-workers’ support at all times, in our human rights policy, we change the term “employee”” with “co-worker” instead.

As Vivid Textile, together with our co-workers, we are here to reach our goal of being an important player at womenswear with our exclusive touch, redefining “speed” and “customer-focused” words within the industry and being more than a “solution partner”, but rather a part of customer experience process.

Quality Policy
We are an active player in the fashion industry.

- Our clients are the core of our business and we keep customer satisfaction in the center of it. We adopt mutual benefit, speed, quality, innovative approach, reliability and developing result oriented innovative solutions as principles.
- We prioritize information security in all our services and emphasize confidentiality in exchange of information.
- Focusing on our clients and their clients, we render service meticulously from design to shipment of our products. We are aware of the fact that forecasting the future correctly and meet all the requirements are crucial in becoming a pioneer in the industry.

- Each individual in our company, knows that acting reliable and decisive as well as being open to communication is foremost in contributing our company’s power.
- Making efforts towards meeting our clients’ standards and even exceeding them, makes us feel as if we share the same vision with the brands shaping the fashion industry.
- Together with our co-workers, we form a real family. We prioritize health, satisfaction and belonging of each family member. We focus on health, teamwork and ever-learning approach while producing.
- Rather than obligations, for us, legal legislations within the framework determined by the Government, mean maintaining work safety, protecting the environment and taking the most efficient and effective actions.

Our Story
We are family

Sometimes life urges you to a fresh start. In that journey, you may feel as if you are heading towards obscurity. During these times, what can you hold on to? At Vivid Textile, for us it was “fellowship”. Here, we know the power of fellowship.

As individuals willing to work together, we were summoned. Reliability was our core value. We felt the meaning of making efforts together. Our clients were at the heart of our organization and with this new beginning, our heartbeats were stronger than ever. ...

We leaned on our inner power and always opted for truth. We feel every day that we are under the roof of fresh work enthusiasm, powerful family union as well as deep experience.

Our Fabric Collection

Our expertise is fabric production. Please contact us for your production inquiries.

Our Principles

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Our Motto;
Never fear new beginnings; move forward. Adopting a systematically drawn workflow in spreading experience to the team and adapting to the changing climates. Putting our hearts onto our work and selecting a team of professionals sharing the same mentality.

Moving forward with team spirit is the resource of our power. Our clients are our values and forms the center of our work, structure and organization. While developing together with our clients, we prioritize a sustainable production.

Quality first and foremost.

Our Production Standards

Global production and quality standards

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Global production and quality standards